Phentermine & Weight Loss Medications

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In recent years, scientists are beginning to better understand the complexity of the human appetite regulation system. As it turns out, cutting-edge research reveals that the appetite regulation signals in the brain may have been damaged. This is the reason those struggling with obesity have such a difficult time knowing when they’re full – they’re not getting the right signals! The hunger, lack of satisfaction from normal amounts of food, and food cravings are not due to a lack of willpower, instead, they are due to derangements of the appetite signaling system. Anyone who tells you to just push yourself away from the table (including some health care providers) does not understand this powerful part of the brain. You are not weak-willed! It is possible to rebalance this complex appetite signaling system using medications. The oldest and best-known is called Phentermine, but there are others. As with all medications, it is important to understand their proper use, who are the appropriate candidates to use them, and what the risks and side effects are. It’s also important that you are medically supervised and are not using them inappropriately, as a “quick fix.” At South Sound Preventive Medicine, located in Olympia, Washington and serving patients throughout Southwest Washinton, medications are used as part of a comprehensive treatment program. If you are interested in using medications to correct imbalances in your appetite regulation, we will carefully review the risks and benefits with you and will guide you to the correct treatment option.

Phentermine & Weight Loss Medications Q & A

Who is a candidate for weight-loss medications?

Weight-loss medications usually are prescribed to people whose excess weight is posing health concerns. Weight-loss medications aren’t given in place of nutrition and exercise recommendations; rather they complement these proven strategies.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a prescription medication that helps to rebalance the errant appetite signaling system in the brain.  Some research also suggests it may affect certain parts of the brain to improve energy metabolism.

Is using weight-loss medication an easy way to lose weight?

Weight-loss medications can make the process of weight loss a little easier, but they aren’t ever considered a sole treatment. We prescribe a comprehensive plan that includes nutrition and exercise, as well as lifestyle modifications, to help you achieve success.

What are the side effects of weight-loss medications?

Many people on weight-loss medications experience no side effects, or the ones they do experience are minimal. The benefits of losing the excess weight that’s endangering your health is greater than most of these side effects, too.

Possible side effects include: jitteriness, dry mouth, restless sleep, or irritability.

Because this is a medical weight-loss program, the staff at South Sound Preventive Medicine monitors you while you’re on the medication. Discuss any side effects you feel with us so we can adjust your dosage. If you experience symptoms that concern you, stop taking the medication and contact the office right away.