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After nearly 15 years of experience in Obesity Medicine, we have come to realize that there is much more to treating the disease of obesity than simply treating the physical and biochemical complications of this all-too-common disease.  As a matter of fact, we believe that the reason so many “diets” fail is because the underlying root cause of obesity is never fully addressed.

It’s time to think differently. Weight loss is only the first phase.  Difficult as that is, maintaining weight loss – i.e. preventing relapse – is just as difficult, if not more difficult - than losing weight. We call it “Weight Mastery.”  This process requires mastery of three distinct phases:


Phase One: Mastering Metabolism

In this first phase, the biochemistry of the body is rebalanced and healed.  This results in weight loss, improved energy, better movement, and better overall physical health. Many weight loss programs stop once weight loss has been achieved. But in truth, weight loss is only the beginning.   


Phase Two:  Putting Weight Loss on Auto Pilot: Mastering Habits

This is the process of learning new ways of living:  Learning how to shop, prepare and cook meals; developing the habit of regular exercise; learning how to navigate social and work functions; developing good sleep habits, and much more.    As you are getting your body healthy again, we work with you to develop habits you can maintain for life.  


Phase Three:  Emotional Mastery

Mastering your emotions is an ongoing process in which you learn how to recognize and understand the myriad of emotional responses you experience every day. You come to understand that it is difficult –if not impossible – to maintain your physical health without managing your emotional health. As you master your emotions, you become steady; you are no longer reactive to everything that is happening around you. This is the piece that most weight loss programs are missing, and the piece that is absolutely necessary if you seek to maintain your health. This is the crux of our Maintenance Program.  


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