Weight Loss Maintenance

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Because of the body’s programming, keeping excess weight off often is more challenging than losing weight. Yet, preserving your weight loss is paramount to achieving long-term health. Dr. Angela Zechmann doesn’t just help you lose excess fat, she helps you keep it off. Men and women in Olympia, Washington can call South Sound Preventive Medicine to achieve long-term weight loss, or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.

Weight Loss Maintenance Q & A

Why is it hard to maintain weight loss?

Your body is hardwired to protect its fat stores. When you lose a significant amount of weight, your metabolism decreases and the hormones that control hunger and satiety alter. You may actually feel hungrier after losing weight, but your body needs fewer calories to maintain its size. These factors make it all too easy to regain weight.

You also can’t diet forever, and when you add foods back into your diet without a plan, you’re subject to regaining weight. Over time, your body adapts to exercise, too, so you burn fewer calories each time you work out.

Weight regain is common with fad diets that induce quick weight loss but give you no resources to preserve that loss. The medical weight-loss program at South Sound Preventive Medicine is different - it’s based in science and is designed to help change your body composition for the long-term.

What are the benefits of keeping weight off for the long-term?

Losing weight and then gaining it back is a form of yo-yo dieting that can actually have serious health implications. Some people even gain back more weight than they lost and end up heavier in the long term.

Protect the aesthetic and health benefits of your weight loss by committing to long-term lifestyle changes that support your weight loss. Obesity is a disease that needs to be managed for a lifetime.

Maintain a healthy weight and you’ll have fewer visits to the doctor and a better quality of life.

How can I maintain hard-earned weight loss?

At South Sound Preventive Health, Dr. Zechmann offers a comprehensive, research-based maintenance program. Commit to working with the staff for the long-term so you remain successful for the rest of your life. Keeping weight off for the long-term is not just a matter of willpower. You have to fight a very real pathology; South Sound Preventive Health can help you do that.

In addition, Dr. Zechmann is developing a more comprehensive program to help you maintain emotional health.  Without a healthy emotional balance, it’s very difficult for the physical body to stay healthy.  Dr. Zechmann firmly believes that it’s not just a change in eating and exercise habits that’s essential in managing obesity; it’s a change in THINKING that’s necessary, a shift in the way we perceive our world, a development of resiliency to stress, and the capacity to remain steady regardless of what’s going on around us.  This is a leading-edge program, and the missing link in the process of regaining and maintaining your health.