Are you ready?


If you can answer yes to the following questions (indicating a willingness to learn) then you are ready.

  • Am I ready to give up dieting?
  • Am I ready to recognize that I have a disease that I am learning how to manage?
  • Am I willing to follow up with any specialized care that may be recommended (for example, working with a sleep specialist, a cardiologist, or others)?
  • Am I willing to make a commitment to regular and consistent visits?
  • Am I ready to make my health a priority?
  • Am I willing to track what I eat for a few weeks until I truly understand what foods serve me and which ones don’t?
  • Am I willing to release any addictions to sugar, alcohol or junk food?
  • Am I willing to make exercise a daily lifetime habit? (Don’t worry about starting an exercise program right away; we need to get you feeling better first!)

It is likely that as you undertake this process with us, you will find many more questions that will involve a willingness to think creatively about how you are living your life. As long as you are willing to shift your thinking, you are ready.


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